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tom lamb

Tom Lamb
Owner TNT Removal & Disposal

In 1993, I was a professional fire fighter working at the Philadelphia Naval Yard. A good friend of mine, Anthony, asked for some help cleaning out a house in unlivable conditions in Broomall, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. With little experience, a work-hard attitude, and a Toyota pickup truck, we got to work. Little did I know that helping out one of our neighbors would lead to what TNT is today. 

TNT was a part-time gig for me for a while. I was a full-time fire fighter but, most importantly, I was a full-time dad. As much as I loved spending my off-duty doing cleanouts, I loved my kids more. Missing them grow up wasn’t the goal of TNT. I talked to my wife and managed to turn TNT full-time in 1996, at which point I finally had the best of both worlds. In the early 2000s, TNT was incorporated. This meant big changes for a small cleanout company; we could now perform demolitions.   

In our young history, TNT has faced many trials and tribulations and was no stranger to growing pains. I’m proud of the accomplishments made by our 17 full-time employees and the seasonal help every year. Our goal is to grow and provide for all our neighbors in the Greater Delaware Valley area. Anything and everything, we’ll move it or remove it.  


One of our goals at TNT is to give back to our friends, family, and neighbors of the greater Delaware County area. Not to mention, we strongly trust that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

TNT takes pride in being a friend to the environment.

Everything that isn’t actual trash is recycled or donated to those in need. Here are some other ways we give back:

Support your local small business!

TNT is proud to be licensed, insured, and OSHA certified.

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